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Sensor, Robot, Vision & Controller

Material Handling System

Tool Steel Material Supplier and Advisor

Our Solutions

Our advanced and cost-effective handling solutions power manufacturing for millions of consumable product globally.

Our smart inspection solutions enable lowest cost and higher yield rate of manufacturing by replacing human eye inspection with special vision system.

Our software service team providing resources to cooperate closely with customer in delivering complex and customized software, and as well as existing systems improvement and maintenance.

Assembly 1 Machine

Assembly 2 Machine

LeadFrame Pick&Place1 Machine

LeadFrame Pick&Place2 Machine

LeadFrame Pick&Place3 Machine

LeadFrame Pick&Place4 Machine

Palletizer 1 Machine

Palletizer 2 Machine

Sorter&Inspection Machine

Sorter, Pick&Place Machine

Semi-Automatic Pouch Packer Machine

Tester Machine

Graphite Fixture Cleaning Machine

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